Sobel, Marc – Starfish



I can’t find any indication on this issue that this is anything other than a stand-alone story, although I believe it is technically illegal to end a story like they did and then never follow up on it. Looking at the cover, you can probably tell that this story is about a post-apocalyptic world. Yes, that is often a cliche and a sign that the story is going to be completely predictable, but that’s not the case here. Seven anorexic patients are sent to an underwater lab for treatment, along with a doctor and some staff, when a nuclear bomb hits their city. They realize that they have to stay underwater for at least a year, but discover that their food supply will only last them less than half that time. So, the doctor comes up with an experimental drug called Starfish, and I’m not going to give anything else away. It was an interesting concept, but it seemed more than a little bit condensed at 12 pages, especially if this is all there is to the story. Leigh Gallagher is apparently an artist on a Vertigo title called “The Witching” and the artwork here is pretty incredible. It’s $1.50, you can check out the website or send an e-mail, whatever floats your boat.

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