Marshall, Joe – Planet Named Desire #9

Website (down as of 4/1/10)

Planet Named Desire #9 Now Available! $2

Getting up to #9 in comics these days is no small achievement, and you can tell just from looking at this that Joe has his shit together. It’s artistically solid and the whole packaging just looks great. There are a few stories in here. The first, about a greedy monkey, is either about an old morality tale or it should be. Great story, and you can never go wrong with a monkey. The second is about an old rock and a tree and bunch of people trying to figure out what they can do with them. The third is the most moving of the bunch, about a bird that’s dying and trapped in the wall. Then there’s one last story that I’ll leave as a surprise because, hey, I’ve already convinced you to give this a shot, right? Seriously, I never have a problem with comics that are all about telling you to slow down and enjoy what you have, and this comic has all kinds of that. I don’t know about the back issues (maybe he peaked with this one or something) but you can’t go wrong with #9. Check out the website, learn more about this and decide for yourself.

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