Marshall, Joe – Planet Named Desire #7

Website (down as of 4/1/10)

Planet Named Desire #7 Now Available! $2

I’m a sucker for a good autobio comic; I’ve said it time and time again. I’m especially a sucker for the ones that are by people who usually write fiction, as it’s a rare glimpse into their personal life. There are three stories in here, all about Joe and what makes him tick. The first one is about how he draws bigger women because when he tries to go skinny they look sickly (and he goes on about how women are smarter than men), the second one is about how he doesn’t own a TV or VCR and prefers nature, and the third one is about the birth of his new son. He manages the difficult task of not being preachy really well, as it would have been easy for him to condemn people who don’t appreciate the outdoors or don’t agree with his viewpoint on women. It’s a good issue, he should try rambling like this more often. He also sent a few more back issues with this one, and I’ll get to them one day, but he has a diverse array of back issues, and that’s only in the few I’ve seen. It’s always good to see somebody who’s not afraid to experiment. These are cheap comics too, it’s worth ordering a few. Contact info is down there…

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