Manning, Tom – Runoff #5


Runoff #5

Watch out, the Sub-Mariner is on the loose! OK, not really, but man, are they similar. In this issue Mr. Teeth is back, but this time he’s hanging out with the cute floating alien guy, and they’re leaving a bloody trail of bodies behind them. This issue is the first one that’s really all action from start to finish, as the FBI gets to town and it’s Halloween night, meaning that there are a ton of potential victims wandering the streets. I can see where the format might possibly turn people off, as it’s giant and smudgy a hell, but check this series out. You could get the first five issues for a measly $10 right now and you’d have a hell of a story to read if you did. Why won’t you believe me? Haven’t I always been there for you? Sure, I’m generally positive towards things that I review, but how many times do I beg you to check a book out? Look, I’ll even put the website here so you don’t have to scroll up. Look how easy it is!

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