Lewis, Minty – P.S. Comics #1


P. S. Comics #1

That cover is supposed to be a bit more purple, but my scanner seems to be having a rare revolt. There are four stories in here, three of which are too adorable for words… until you get past the images and actually read the stories. There’s an embarrassing roommate situation with the Yorkie dogs, trying to balance not having any friends vs. only having friends who are assholes (as played by various pieces of fruit), an awkward visit to a house with a crazy abusive mother (back to the Yorkies) and finally the heartwarming tale of the “I Love You” mug. Hey, I thought it was heartwarming anyway. The underlying sadness and angst of these stories put up against the overwhelming cuteness of these dogs and that fruit was a great idea for a comic. Because, let’s be honest, angst in comics is pretty well represented these days, and a fresh approach to the subject is always welcome. Not that this is all angst or anything, as there’s some really funny stuff here, I’m just saying is all. $2.50

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