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I’m changing the name on this creator because, well, she used a different name on her cover.  That and “Minty” is an awesome name.  Finally there’s a collection of this utterly unique comic available, and I swear it’s a giant coincidence that yesterday I was talking about the flawless record of Secret Acres… and today I’m reviewing another one of their books.  Sizable chunks of this are available in the first two issues, which I already reviewed below, so I’m not even going to mention those stories.  Pretty much everything mentioned below is in this, except for the tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory.  New stories include making “friends” with the tour manager of a band while on vacation alone, a piece about two people making a connection at work over donuts and making a rat tail for a costume (one of the rare pieces in the book featuring actual humans), the hopeful tale of a family dog lost when their car was stolen and what Minty would like to think happened to it, and the disintegration of an office relationship and dealing with the new woman.  There are also two longer pieces making up the end of the book, one all about preparing for a crafts show and still managing to fail miserably and one about maintaining one quiet place at work, getting to know the new temp and being horribly disappointed with her as a human being.  Um, strawberry, that is, as almost everything in here is either a piece of fruit, a dog or a cat.  I doubt all of these stories would work as well as they do if they were all told from the perspective of humans, even though Minty has an uncanny ear for dialogue, especially the stuff involving self-pity.  How she manages to make a heartbroken pear both funny and immensely sad is a mystery to me, but it’s clearly the work of someone with some serious talent.   She manages to make you think about all of these situations in an entirely different light through a simple change in representation, and let me tell you as someone who remembered during an argument that I was using the same line as a crying apple that it can be both revealing an extremely disconcerting.  In other words, Minty has done her job her admirably.  It’s $11 but there’s a hefty pile of stories in this one.


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