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Update for 4/30/24

SPACE month? Yeah, SPACE month, I reckon I got enough comics from the show to pull that off. Er, “SPACE month” is technically going to be May, so ignore the fact that the first review of it is going to be in April. New review today for Playboy Dan by David G. Caldwell!

Update for 4/26/24

Ever read one of those graphic novels that kicks you in the face hard enough that you can’t help but stop what you’re doing to write a review? No? Maybe it’s just me. New review for Tender by Beth Hetland!

Update for 4/24/24

New review today for the last of the mini kus comics, DJ School by Anu Ambasna. Of course, that’s just the last of the minis. They also sent along a heftier book that I saved for last, meaning any time now, I guess. Oh, and I forgot to include a link to SPACE in the last update. Oops!

Update for 4/22/24

New review today for Eyeland #6 by Nick Forker. Everybody make their travel plans for SPACE in Columbus Ohio this coming weekend?

Update for 4/10/24

New review today for the Tales From the Wolf graphic novel by Tony Wolf (and a few other people, but mostly Tony).

Update for 4/8/24

New review today for The Devil’s Grin #2 by Alex Graham, and if you’re in the right part of the country/world, there’s an eclipse today! Don’t look right at it, you big dummy. Use the glasses!

Update for 4/4/24

New review today for Link by Gary Colin, and that mini kus pile just keeps shrinking. I’m trying to pace the reviews before I get a comics refill at SPACE this year (it’s the end of April; don’t let it sneak up on you like it usually does for me!), but if you had comics that you’d like reviewed quickly, now seems like a good time.

Update for 4/2/24

New review today for World of Knonx by Adam Yeater, as I’m finally getting around to reviewing that man’s behemoth of a graphic novel.

Update for 3/27/24

New review today for Hollywood on the Croal by Rob Jackson, in which I either got tricked into reviewing basically the same comic twice or I proved once and for all that I have no long term memory, to go along with my lack of short term memory. Help me figure out which!

Update for 3/25/24

Back from a long unintended (and shorter intended) break, do I even remember how to do this? Read my review for Transgender Homebody by Nuka Horvat (another from the mini kus pile) to find out!

“Update” for 3/17/24

Long time readers of this here website will know that reviews usually get a bit sparse around elections, what with me working for a Board of Elections office and all. It’s true, I need a real job to pay my bills! The riches that come from running a small press comics review website are actually a myth. Well, that election is what’s happening right now, but what happened two weeks ago was that my monitor stopped working, followed by a comedy of errors while I tried to get another one working. Long story short (er), yes I’m still around and writing reviews and I should have regular reviews up next week. And hey, go vote on Tuesday why don’t you?

Update for 2/27/24

New review today for Brick Breaks Free by David Craig. Hm, the theme for this week seems to be “heavy items flying through the air.” Not a theme that’s likely to be repeated, I reckon…

Update for 2/23/24

New review today for In The City Part Two by Karl Christian Krumpholz. See? Not that hard to stick to reviews for numbered series for a week. A month of this, however, and I’d be struggling…

Update for 2/21/24

New review today for Eyeland #7, and hey look, it’s another accidental theme week, as they’re all ongoing series! Really reaching this time, granted. Let’s see if I can find something else to fit the theme for Friday…

Update for 2/19/24

New review today for Plastic People #9 by Brian Canini, and now I can finally start making a dent in this Plastic People backlog I have going on.

Update for 2/15/24

New review today for Poison Pill, a big old anthology with a half dozen ridiculously talented artists in it.

Update for 2/13/24

New review today for The Re-Up #3 by Chad Bilyeu and Juliette de Wit, and why yes, I am still reviewing comics from CXC roughly four months later. Like I keep telling all of the stingy billionaires reading this, if you just threw a pile of money at me, I’d make this a full time job. Like you’d even miss a few million!

Update for 2/7/24

New review today for Are You Lost, Little Bunny? by Noemi Vola. That’s right, back to the mini kus books!

Update for 2/5/24

New review today for Far Tune: Spring by Terry Eisele and Brent Bowman, which wraps up the series (in case you were waiting for me to review the last volume before checking it out, you weirdos).

Update for 2/1/24

New review today for Cosmic Gossip by Mark Peters and Will Cardini. You know what just occurred to me?Maybe it would be helpful if I kept track of the number of times I reviewed somebody. You know, then I could say this was review #24 of Will’s books over the years. A constant work in progress, that’s this website…