Update for 9/30/22

September 30, 2022

New review today for Hell Hand and Other Stories (also known as Meeting Comics #23) by Andrew Neal. To be honest, it still feels odd to only review these sporadically instead of weekly.

Update for 1/15/19

January 15, 2019

WordPress made me download an update that has everything I’m seeing on this end all wonky, so if this looks apocalyptic, somebody drop me a line and I’ll try to fix it. I think I have it all worked out, but despite the fact that I’ve been running this site since 2001, I still have only a basic grasp of how all this shit works. Yay ignorance! New review today for Special K by Inkee Wang, another of the mini kus books.

Update for 11/28/16

November 28, 2016

New review today for Meat Locker by Michael DeForge, and I think things may actually be back to normal enough to resume regular reviews.

“Update” for 11/1/16

November 1, 2016

I’ve mentioned several times that I work for the local Board of Elections, right? Because that explains the lack of reviews lately. I do have comics here that I’ll start reviewing, most likely in the next few weeks, or if I unexpectedly get a day off I’ll sneak a review or two in. If not, pick a random letter of the alphabet and start going through the archived reviews. Some of them are so old that they’ll feel new again! Also, especially if you’re in Ohio, vote! Let’s maybe make it clear as a country that we’re not willing to elect the most famous con man in America as president, and that’s not even mentioning all his Russian connections and all those sexual assaults. Vote!

Update for 7/25/16

July 25, 2016

New review today for Tortilla #4 by Jaime Crespo. Yes, my work schedule is still bring figured out, but I remembered that one thing that I always forget with this website: I can schedule reviews to post whenever I want. So I get to write the reviews on the weekends, and you get to read them during the week to get a break from work. Everybody wins!

Update for 9/5/13

September 5, 2013

New review today for Stranger Two Stranger #5 by Robert Hendricks. No, my new schedule is not three reviews a week. I’ve been fighting against it but more reviews just haven’t been possible lately. Of course, if that mythical billionaire who loves comics wants to pay me for doing this shit I’d have all the time to write reviews in the world. And I could also tell them the best comics to read! Make it happen, rich people!