Zoomorphic Funnies #1 by Joey Weiser

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Who loves one page strips about animals in various situations? Well, I do, as long as it’s this funny. This is a bit of a shortie, but for $1, who cares? In here you have a racist space monkey, Ugly Elephantingston, Electric Fish God, Raymond Roadkill and a pig who just can’t seem to be a hero. I don’t know his name but he tries over and over to rescue the damsel in distress, even though it gets him into all sorts of trouble. No, I’m not going to tell you what sorts of trouble. That’s called a “tease”. A couple of the comics in here are available on his website, including the largest one in the bunch about that pig flying during a war. Like I said, it’s only $1, and there’s more than enough funny in here to make it worth your while.


Price: $1.00

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