Zeek the Martian Geek Full Color Special #2 by Brian Cattapan

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First things first: that is one fantastic cover. Seriously, just sit back and enjoy that for a second. As for the rest of the comic, yes, there were plenty of funny bits this time around. The main story in here is a long piece about Zeek falling into the, er, "Zone" (because apparently he couldn't legally say Twilight Zone) and confronting an evil cat . This piece has more geek references in it than you could shake that proverbial stick at. Go ahead, read it and see! Bonus points if you get them all, or should I say shame points, as that would confirm you as a total geek. Other stories in here include the two of them going camping, bowling, playing matrixfrisbee and discussing the true origins of the earth. This is a bit "inside baseball" as it were, but Brian also wins the prize for "mailing most likely to survive a nuclear explosion". One thing about his comics, they always get here wrapped in a ball of tape so thick that I have to cut into the package o' comics (hoping that I don't chop anything vital), and when I get inside they're usually wrapped in three layers of bubble tape. It's a good precaution, as my mail carrier usually takes "do not bend" warnings as a personal challenge, but maybe one less layer of everything the next time around? Sure, you could call that rambling that is utterly disconnected to the comic being reviewed, and you'd be right, but it's good to know for people who are going to be sending in comics, and they might be reading this, right? Right. Anyway, there are more than enough funny bits in here to make this worthwhile and really, kudos again on that cover. Oh, and I know this should be down at the bottom of the page with his other full color special, but do you know how big this entire page is at this point? I'm going to have to change the format of how pages are done one of these days purely because Brian makes so many comics.


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