Whisp #2 by Damien Duffy & Dann Tincher

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You probably can’t tell at all by the scan, but the cover for this is slick. I mean that literally and figuratively, as there’s a different texture for the title and various other parts, and it’s just neat. Had to get that out there. Also, this is a full size book, and I think the story is even longer, although it’s been a while since I read #1, so I could be wrong. The art looks a LOT better in this large format, and the writing seems to have tightened up a bit too. My main problem with the book is that I have trouble getting what’s going on at times. It’s so dark that it’s occasionally hard to distinguish certain characters, and at least a few things happen that you’re just supposed to get without their describing it. There’s a new character in this, a man who’s worried about his nagging wife and trying to get the future out of one of the inmates. I did tell you that some of them could read the future when they’re on the drug, right? Anyway, I couldn’t tell at all what happened in the end (unless that’s intentional), but it’s a solid book all around. They seem to be keeping my complaints to a minimum, so that’s all I can ask for.


Price: $2.00

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