Watching Days Become Years #3 by Jeff LeVine

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Again with the long gaps between reading his comics! Full disclosure: I “grew up” reading his stuff, from his Destroy All Comics magazine to No Hope to all the little minis in between. Of course, “growing up” in this racket means that he helped form my high opinion of this medium in my late teens/early 20’s when I was making the transition away from superhero stuff to actual quality work. Not that there’s not SOME quality superhero stuff, kind of… OK, I’ve gone off the rails. This comic, as is the case with most of his work, defies reviewing. Jeff seems to wander around town, finding things to do on his days off (or happily deciding to do nothing at all), and documenting in very specific detail what he’s seeing. What’s often missing in his books are other people, as he’s more than content to document his surroundings, the growing pile of books and DVDs at his apartment, and his personal thoughts. Oddly, although he mentions in this issue that he’s had the same job for 7 years (as of 2006, judging by the dates on the strips), I’m not sure that he’s ever mentioned exactly what he does. It’s just not important enough in the grand scheme of things to warrant mentioning in his comics when there’s so much (or so little) else to talk about. My quest to make this guy rich continues, so buy his stuff, show some love for a genuine artist.


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