Vampires Need Love Too #4 by Brian Cattapan

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It's always a good sign when I have trouble picking out a sample from a comic of one page strips. I generally try to pick a page that I think is funny, and when it's an easy choice that means that there weren't all that many laughs. This time around I could have picked a half dozen strips pretty easily. The basic setup is probably familiar to you by now, especially if you've been keeping up with this series: it's all about a vampire and his crew of freakish friends. Brian posts one strip a week on Sundays, and it looks like they vary between this and some of his other series. If you wonder how many series the guy has going, check out the online store, as most of them are for sale here. Anyway, strips in here include his friend the bat and its problems, the lizard with the strange accent offering him advice, accidentally turning a girl into a vampire, the usefulness of having "divine" protection, and his troubles with ladies. Lot of strips are about his troubles with the ladies, actually, and he gets in more than a few good lines in the process. Well, he does if you're a guy who has trouble understanding what is going on in any given woman's head, but your opinion may vary if you actually are one of those ladies. Either way, there's no quicker way to make funny stuff unfunny than by going through each strip in detail, so I'll leave that sort of thing to the readers. If you liked his previous issues in this series, Brian is only getting funnier. If you haven't liked the previous issues, you should maybe give this one in particular a try; I think you might like what you see.


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