Vampires Need Love Too #3 by Brian Cattapan

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This comic, like the last two, is comprised of daily strips, so the story kind of comes and goes. At times he seems to be focusing on a larger piece, then it stops abruptly and veers off in a different direction. There are still a few funny bits and a few groaners (nature of the beast with the pun-oriented strips), but the funny does outweigh the groaners and I like the new zombie roommate. Subjects in here include having the Grim Reaper as a friend, moaning about a lack of love life, a stoner/drunk turned into a zombie and his friends being unable to tell the difference (that one was a bit heavy-handed), being in a blues band, what's really in your coffee, the difficulty of giving death gifts, stalking vs. courting, and being stuck with a vampire stereotype. I should also mention (in case I never have on this vast page) that Brian has been getting other artists to do representation of his characters for a while now, and this time around gets Graham Annable and Matt Metzler to do some damned impressive work.


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