Two Blobs Waiting for the Bus by Barry Rodges

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You might be able to assume, from that title, that this is nothing more than an easy-to-draw exercise which puts another book from Barry on the “shelf” with little to no effort. And, you know, you may be right .I don’t know how much effort he puts into each individual issue, and it’s certainly not like this is the most intricate thing in the world, but who cares? It’s a funny comic, and the world could always use a few more of those. This is about two blobs, as you might have guessed, waiting at a bus stop. One blob is his way to the circus, the other is waiting to get to work, where he is very good at collating. Tragedy strikes, and there’s a surprise twist ending, so don’t miss it! I may be lying or I may not. This is, um, let’s say $3, contact info is all over the page, and I’m liking his stuff more and more every time I see it. Read his stuff and be amazed!


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