Toxic Comix #7 by Barry Southworth

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It’s been a while since the last issue, which means that the overall story here is incredibly hazy for me. That being said, this issue had significantly less of the problems that I bitched about last time, so aesthetically I have almost no complaints at all. The one thing I can still bitch about is the spelling as, while there are fewer errors, the ones there are really change the meaning of the sentence. Still, it’s greatly improved overall. As for the story, this one is mostly about Trinity (as you may have guessed from the cover), a goth girl who’s just trying to get by at her local school, along with her only friend, a devout Christian. That particular relationship isn’t explored all that much, as most of the book is devoted to some creepy boys from her school trying to convince Trinity to take a ride with them and the consequences of that ride, in this world and the next one. A pretty solid issue that makes me wonder where this is all going, and where on earth I put my back issues for this so I can check that out.


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