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Well, as you should be able to tell from that scan, this is a dream comic and, as such, might not make much sense in any kind of linear fashion. I think it would have been funnier if she had left out the fact that it’s a dream comic and let people try to figure it out for themselves, but I’m sadistic that way. This is about a young girl who goes to join a school for girls. Whether she’s a teacher or a student isn’t exactly clear, but we do know that she’s younger than the other girls. Anyway, she hears some scandalous stuff at lunch, then is mistakenly thought to have made a racist comment, and I’m on the verge of telling you the entire comic here so I’ll just stop there. Dream comics are always interesting to me because it’s a little peek into the subconscious of the author, however unintentional. It’s a shortie, sure, but it’s a good little book.


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