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I should probably put a little disclaimer here: if you have ever had any serious issues with ticks being attached to any part of your body and you’d care to forget all about it, it might be best to avoid this comic.  That’s OK, there are two good ones right below this to choose from.  As someone who has had to deal with a tick before, seeing the bloated creature in this comic was more effective than any horror movie.  This is the (if there is any justice in this world fictional) story of a gigantic tick, how it is discovered and how it meets its maker.  There is a man who had a traumatic experience with a tick as a young boy, and he nurtures that hatred until he is able to get a job as a tick inspector.  Upon arriving in the park he sees a queen tick (again, I can only hope there is no such thing in real life), and it has sucked the life right out of a small, hairless dog.  This tick inspector manages to capture it and puts it in a box to the Guinness record committee, but he uses some unfortunate word choices on the box, and well, that title is an appropriate description for more than just ticks.  This also has a handy chart of the tick life cycle, and some subtle (if pointed) commentary on tv news anchors.  Like I said, as long as you’re not scarred for life from some childhood tick trauma, this is a pretty great story and you should probably check it out.


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