Three Keys #1 by Nik Havert & Paul Schultz

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You probably know already: do you like fantasy comics? I like fantasy books, on occasion, but the comics have always left me kind of cold. Purely a personal taste, as I’m aware that most mainstream comics have at least some element of fantasy to them, and a whole bunch of them do quite well. This is the story of a battle, told from the point of view of the three main characters: a magician, a rogue and an archer. Or possibly those aren’t the technical terms, I’m a bit rusty at the terminology. Anyway, the dialogue is more than a bit cheesy, but as they’re all telling increasingly fantastic tales, I think that’s perfectly OK. The art was great for the wacky sort of thing that they’re trying to do here, but the whole thing didn’t do much for me, as these comics usually don’t. Still, if this is sort of thing you’re into it’s a pretty fun comic.


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