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George reprinted most of the review for #1 inside this book as a synopsis/review, so for those of you who only picked up the second issue and are wondering why there’s such a crappy synopsis, that’s sort of my fault. Hey, if I knew that people were going to be taking these rambles and using them to summing up their last book, I would try to make them a little more coherent. In this issue we get to see exactly why the young man from the first issue didn’t care that his Dad was gone. Some of it you might expect, other parts of it you probably won’t, but it’s a pretty powerful indictment of shitty parenting where the parent is crazy enough to think that they’re teaching the child some good life lessons. This is essentially a day in the life of this young man, so there’s not a whole lot more to say about it than that. I still love the linework in this book, as a book without any solid blacks is oddly soothing, and I’m still fascinated to see what happens next. Both good signs for a book only on its second issue.


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