The Wonderful Year #7 by Rebecca Taylor

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This time around I got the idea that the book is a bunch of one page comics with something of a continuing thread, unless, of course, the thread doesn’t continue. One thing’s for sure, though: I’ve run out of things to say about her comics. I like them, and she’s definitely one of those people whose comics are best described as “their’ book. You know, like if you want to describe a Sam Henderson book but run out of words you just say “You know, it’s a Sam Henderson comic”. You’ll be able to say the same thing about her very soon, to everybody I mean, because you can already say it to people who’ve read her book. The main theme in here is aging, or maybe it’s being used, or it could be not wanting to dance. Who knows? There may yet come a day when I sit down with all of these and try to make some serious sense out of them. I hope not though, because what would be the fun of trying to interpret something if I had it all analyzed into a corner?


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