The Wonderful Year #6 by Rebecca Taylor

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I think I get it now. I blame the sudden bolt of discovery on drugs. It’s snippets of her life, mostly. Things that she overheard in the day, or thoughts that she had at certain times, or people that she knows, or events that have happened to her or somebody she knows during her life, all thrown together in a comic. Sometimes it stays linear for a while, sometimes it doesn’t, but there’s a definite sense to be made of the whole thing and I’m fairly stupid for not seeing it before. This issue is about her sister, an old friend, growing up, sleeping in, falling, and painting. Other things too, but it’s well worth the effort to discover for yourself. The art was always solid, but I’d swear it’s better this issue than the last. This book is steadily climbing my list of books that I most look forward to, so why not send her a couple of bucks to check an issue or two out?


Price: $2.00

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