The Wonderful Year #4 by Rebecca Taylor

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What an absolutely incoherent comic. I mean that in the best possible sense, as it was fascinating every step of the way, but I can’t say that I understood much of it. Anybody who’s a fan of John Hankiewicz, and shame on you if you aren’t should check this comic out. It’s about, um… I’ll just tell you what’s in it. There’s a man who keeps saying “There’s a party in my pants”, screenprinting, baby birds, a woman with a shaved head, relationships, cats, harassment, and slapping. Maybe I’d have a better idea what was going on if I had seen any of the previous three issues, or if there was any information at all about the author other than an e-mail address. Still, it takes some work to get through but you’re rewarded with a remarkable sense of disquiet and uncertainty about the world.


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