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There’s this one episode of Samurai Jack where Jack is walking along a high, rickety bridge that take him days to cross, but there’s only room for one person at a time. Along the way he meets a large man playing bagpipes, and one of them has to get out of the way for the other one to pass. Well, neither one of them wants to give ground, so an epic battle ensues. That pretty well describes this comic, except for the “epic battle” part. Two creatures are walking along a moving sidewalk and there’s not room for them to pass each other. They try a number of things to get around each other, and that’s mostly the comic. I think Barry is a visual genius, or pretty close to it, and I love the fact that his artistic style is simple enough that he can crank out the comics. That and the fact that he’s smart enough to keep coming up with entertaining stories goes a long way. See, non-prolific people? See how easy it is? OK, maybe not really.


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