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One of the most fascinating scientific unknowns in our history is, to me, what happened between the instant of the Big Bang and the point when everything started rapidly expanding. David tackles that idea in this fantastic comic, although I should point out his disclaimer at the back of the book: "The author is not a scientist and does not understand physics or anything. Use this comic book as an academic source at your own risk." I also feel obligated to point out to any functioning adult who still believes the Earth (and the universe) is 6000 years old to please sit quietly while the grown-ups discuss a scientific theory. So what happened? David says that this interval was 10 to the 34th power seconds long (if I'm even reading that right, which should tell everybody all they need to know about my grasp of science), and proceeds to give a number of theories as to what might have happened during that time. I picked my favorite for the sample. As this is a tiny thing and I have no interest in ruining any of the other theories for readers, I'll just say that he does bring more than a little bit of science to this as well as explaining who the period is named after. Making science funny can also be a tricky thing, but he pulled it off beautifully. This is well worth checking out if you're at all curious about that undefined period of existence and how everything came into being. And who isn't curious about that?


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