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Any complaints I might have had in the last volume about the whole thing being too grounded in reality were completely removed in this one. The story here is that the kids get a magic skateboard with a cryptic message on how to get to Plabbu after the original gateway is accidentally destroyed. Here, really, is the first time that the true complexity of the world that they’re dealing with is revealed, as they see a talking lion, a giant frog and a dragon, among many other things are too complex for their childish minds, but which might get a chuckle out of some of older folks. Also, I have to say that that skateboard, for whatever reason, is now my favorite character in the series. It doesn’t say anything intelligible, it’s just something about those eyes. Anyway, this is the best book of the series by far, and that’s saying quite a bit. This isn’t one of those series where you don’t need to read the other books, though, as there is no recap that I can see and everything that the kids do is assuming that you know what happened in the previous books. I hope he’s planning more of these (I see this was done in 2001) and I hope more people start to stand up and take notice, because there aren’t enough quality comics out there for children.


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