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Sketchbook review! There, just wanted to save people the trouble who looking for me to say something substantive here, as there is no way to review sketchbooks. If you like Mark’s work (and there’s now plenty of his stuff on this page you could check out), then checking out a sketchbook is a natural extension of his stuff. All sorts of sketches of people, places, things, ideas… what you’d expect from a sketchbook. Mark has almost a letter of apology in the back of the book, saying that this is all just thoughts on paper and that, while there are many artists who do sketchbooks that have them as art in their own right, he wouldn’t consider this as such. That’s more for history to decide, assuming history even notices that people were stapling artistic pamphlets together for their friends and hangers-on. As for present day, it’s a simple formula: if you like Mark’s work, you’d probably be very interested in this. If not, this certainly isn’t the best way to get acquainted with his work.


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