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Who likes a good boxing match? Granted, there’s all kinds of subtext here to go with the text (one quick glance at the cover will fill you in on that much), but there’s also plenty of good old fashioned hitting to enjoy. This is the story, on the surface at least, of a man who slowly rises through the ranks until he’s given a shot at the championship. Said championship is being held by a man who clearly got the belt through help from shady people, and the challenger is informed that unless he takes a fall his family is in jeopardy. Cut in with the action are shots of the challenger as a caveman with a club and the champ as a giant monster, quite possibly a lion but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, a nice little tale for a measly $.50, with an unfortunately dopey ending line. Other than that there’s plenty to like here though, as it looks great and, like I said, plenty of punching is involved.


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