The Amazing Mr. Pleebus by Nick Abadzis

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There aren’t too many books out there where you can honestly say that everybody would love them. That’s true of the best books, like Love and Rockets, because you have to be old enough to understand what’s going on. This book almost reads like a children’s book but, like the best children’s books, has enough innovation and imagination to make it hold up for adults too. The story in this one is that Mr. Pleebus comes into the world through a television, but is followed by evil creatures called Grooblies who are trying to take him back. That’s the simple version of the story, as I’m not going to tell you where it all goes from there. There’s an incredibly colorful cast of characters with more than a few bizarre objects scattered throughout. I was waiting to get this one before I decided whether or not I was going to buy the second book, and frankly I’m sold.


Price: $8.50

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