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Back to the beginning! It’s been awhile since I’ve read this, essentially the origin story for Teen Boat. This tells the tale of the young Boat growing up (in flashback form, sprouting barnacles and propellers at odd times), then getting found out at school. Naturally, as a young outcast who’s desperate to impress a pretty girl, he accepts the invitation of a group of jocks to let them use him as a party boat. Soon, however, they get far enough from shore for some illegal activities to start occurring, and this moral dilemma is where we’re left at the end of the first issue. The series improved over the years, granted, but it was pretty well perfect to begin with. This was made in 2001 and it astounds me to think that people who love comics (and also have a sense of humor; sadly, they’re not necessarily the same people) might not have heard of this by now… which is why I’m bringing it up again.


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