Tales of Unusual Circumstance #3 by Joey Weiser

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Joey has decided to go with one big story and a couple of little ones in this issue, which has led, sadly, to a slight drop in the funny. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of great stuff here, including the opening story about a man giving a survey to a room full of baby seals and the last bit about The Unremarkable Tree Frog having his fragile ego crushed yet again, this time by the guy working at the local comic shop. The meat of the issue, though, is Peach Boy, a story based on the Japanese Motomaro legend. There’s a bit of a problem with the demon population (who live on an island filled with garbage) and the locals over who gets day-old bagels from a local shop. This escalates into some serious beatings, so Peach Boy decides to go over to the island and teach the demons a lesson. Along the way he picks up a hungry dog, a cowardly pigeon and an angry monkey. If I tell much more there won’t be anything left to the comic, but it’s safe to say that a lesson is learned by all. Still a great comic, don’t get me wrong, I just have this irrational personal insistence that people who can be funny should be funny as much as possible in their given field. Stupid, as it’s not like artists are vending machines where you can just pick “funny” every time out, but I am occasionally stupid, what can I say.


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