Tales of Unusual Circumstance #2 by Joey Weiser

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Should I be disappointed because there isn’t an actual scene in the comic involving Caesar fighting Wolf Man? I am just a little bit, even though that punch on the cover is all that you really need to make the concept funny. On to the stories! There’s a surprisingly adorable tale about dinosaurs finding a magic lamp millions of years ago, an old man who steals vision and hearing from people while they sleep, Joey’s dark vision of his own future if he ever gives up on comics, and the Unremarkable Tree Frog running into his crush, Thievery Girl, and actually having a decent conversation with her. This one is also traditional mini comic size, not the wee things that were #1 and his other shorties on this page, for those absolute nerds who really need to know this kind of thing, if you do in fact exist. If you enjoy the funny, this man is certainly a good place to go to get it.


Price: $2.00

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