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You may be thinking that that’s an awful lot of samples for two comics, and that’s true, it usually would be. Kevin, however, is not satisfied with a simple mini and makes these both fun packs o’ goodies. This first issue is in a little sleeve (pictured first) with two tiny minis inside, not to mention a couple of stickers and buttons. The automatically gets a high grade on my nonexistent grading scale for making these automatically impressive before you even open the damned things. Once you get to the actual comic, there’s no linear story to speak of, just a series of visual explosions. Topics briefly touched on here include ninjas, politics, drunks, regrets, listening, and hope. I would almost compare this to a sketchbook if the images weren’t so complex and fully realized. It’s not the kind of comics you see every day, that’s for sure, and well worth a look to people who are able to read comics that don’t necessarily go from a point A to a point B.


Price: $3.00

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