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As I’m typing this the whole country seems to finally realize what a doofus we have running things and it’s not looking good for him to even finish out his term, judging from all the scandals hitting and still to come. That being said, this was made in 2003, when this country was a different place entirely. It’s about a man who takes his wheat paste and his fliers and posts them up all over town, trying to get people to wake up and take action. Of course the cops get involved, and that’s where things get tricky. If I had read this three years ago it would have been another chilling indictment of how far we’ve fallen, but I’m eternally optimistic that this country is going to get its shit together someday, so this just serves as a reminder of a time that is slowly grinding to a halt. Plus there are some great and practical instructions in the back on how to make the appropriate paste, and how to put up fliers all over town.


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