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It's time to go back to another forgotten issue in my constantly growing online store, and three cheers for it being another good one. There's only one mildly weak piece in this anthology, and on further review I might have even misread that one. This starts off with a story from Allen's childhood (drawn by Christine Wald), where he tries to keep up with a friend on a much better bike through a raised dirt trail with disastrous results. Next is Moose of Terror by Mark Monlux, in which two moose (meese?) wander into a small town, followed by a small gang of wild turkeys. Eric Weems then has what is essentially an ad for the comic in which a variety of celebrity spokespeople are chosen and then discarded, and I confess to being mildly baffled by the punchline. Anton Bogaty is up next with The Short Biography of an Unknown Artist, the "weak" piece I mentioned, but looking again at that title I think this story works well as a one-pager that ends abruptly. Revenge of the Booth Babe by John Lustig (who should be on this page much more than he is, as I always get a kick out of his Last Kiss series) has an abused model of comic conventions turning the tables on the middle-aged fat guys who always make her dress up in degrading outfits. Finally there's one of the better stories of pure mayhem that I've ever seen, Power Struggle by Dean LeCrone. There's a young boy, you see, who wants a cookie. His father does not want him to spoil his dinner and so refuses said cookie. What follows is ten pages of constantly escalating violence including power tools, crapping on the carpet, stuffed animals and flesh-eating ladybugs, and that only covers the first few pages. Seriously, if the rest of the comic sucked I'd be recommending it for this story alone, and the rest of the comic is already pretty good. If you're a fan of mayhem, this is required reading. If you prefer the quiet stories, there are plenty of those on this website too, you big baby.


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