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Huzzah, this time around I was able to instantly catch the connection from the last issue to #4! It only took me 4 issues to figure all that out, I must be the smartest man alive. This is another solid issue in this eries, a bit different this time out because the tone has changed to one of constant terror. The man from the last issue, J.P, wakes up to start things off this time around, happy that at least his last dream (issue #3) at least wasn’t the recurring nightmare he’s been having. In his nightmare he’s being pursued by a creepy, bearded cajun guy (or maybe just a french guy) who seems to be out to do him harm. J.P. starts losing his grip on reality almost instantly, confusing his waking life with his images of the nightmare cajun, seeing him in his record shop, on the street, and accompanying J.P.’s girlfriend. Paranoia rarely leads to happy endings, but I’ll say no more to avoid spoilers. Like I said, another solid issue and I’m looking forward to one day putting these all together and making sense of the whole thing.


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