Shuteye #2: The Liar by Sarah Becan

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OK, I’m officially impressed. Look, I’ve been doing this site for almost five years now and reading minis for twice as long as that (or so), so seeing something that’s genuinely different from the usual is always a thrill. This one is about a boy who’s always travelling (and drunk, apparently) and his desire to fit in somewhere, anywhere… but also his inability to be honest to those around him or even to himself. In the end we’re left wondering what of what we’ve just read is real and what isn’t, but she manages to pull that off without ever seeming like a cliche hollywoodish twist ending. And if you think I’m telling you too much you may be right, but she says it right on the back of the comic so it can’t be too much of a secret. It’s probably still a bit too early to say for sure, but so far Sarah seems like a new, unique voice in the world of small press comics, and another one of those is always a good thing in my book.


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