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Barry is branching out into a few different directions these days, and this one is an “adult” comic, meaning that people are represented with actual genitalia and sometimes have various kinds of sex. Oy, to live in a place where this wasn’t seen as some kind of a big deal… Anyway, there are a few short stories in here, and they’re all entertaining. First up is a porn actress who’s had enough and decides, eventually, to take up a suggestion from her Dad about paint enemas. There are also stories of a slut who finally finds her place in the world and a dirty trick on a gorgeous woman who was completely untouchable to a couple of guys at a fast food joint. I liked this one quite a bit, even outside of the obvious benefit of all the naked people. There’s a general sense of playfulness and fun here that’s completely lacking in most of his recent work, by necessity because they’re serious stories, sure, but fun is a very underrated thing in comics.


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