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Ah, interpretive comics. The perfect chance for me to look like a complete doofus trying to interpret them. There are two stories in this comic, and both of them deal with memory loss. Olga is up first with the story of a town that is slowly losing its memory, the woman who put on the puppet shows in the town, and how said puppet makers go about trying to get their memory back. Honestly, it's less a comic than a children's book, although the line is blurry. I demand at least one word balloon to call it a comic, although I do realize that I'm alone on that one. I do love her use of words, how phrases and concepts float through the panels, and the totally unique way that she draws throughout her text boxes. Oh, and I just flipped through the story again and saw that there was one word balloon, so I'm happy to call this a comic and kill off this controversy that I started a few sentences ago. The other story is by Juliacks, and it cycles into this story in an odd way. This story happens in 2196, has flashbacks to slightly older times and is much more subjective than the previous story, meaning that I'm still having trouble unpacking the damned thing. The art is much more open that Olga's. The pages just feel bigger somehow, even though that makes no sense at all. Both stories obviously deal heavily in memory, what holds memories together and what makes them true, so if you've ever had any interest in the subjects (and who hasn't?) you'll probably find something thought-provoking in these pages.


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