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You know what I miss about reading comics? Being able to go to the store every month and reading a new installment of a story. Granted, that was back when I was reading mostly genre crap, but dammit, I knew that every month (give or take a week) I would be getting another installment of Quasar or whatever the hell it was. The list of people in the small press world who keep anything remotely approaching that kind of schedule is tiny, and it’s something I don’t think about all that often, to be honest… until I come across something like Reporter. The last time I read a new issue of this was three years ago. Granted, this didn’t JUST come out, and it’s my fault for not reading it when it did, but even so, I’m not seeing any new books on the website either. Look, if you have a potential epic like this, I know there are plenty of things in the world to distract you from doing another issue, but have a little sympathy on the poor readers you’ve hooked into really enjoying this story. OK, rant over, and this isn’t just about Dylan (obviously, as he’s running Spark Plug Comics along with putting these out and living some sort of, you know, life), it’s just a pet peeve I have with the small press books in general. Oh yeah, the comic. This is the story of an African-American group of soldiers in a war of some kind. It’s never explained much more than that, and this is basically them walking through enemy territory. An OK issue on its own, it remains to be seen how it fits into the big picture, which could always make it a much better issue. Still, not much to latch onto as my only dose of Reporter in so long, which explains the bitch-fest above.


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