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Things are getting a little tense with this issue (covering 1933-1937), as Wilhelm and his family struggle to get away from Germany without being recognized. Oh sorry, I just jumped in there, assuming that anybody reading this would be familiar with the past 5 issues of this series. Why else would you read a review for #6? Anyway, while the Nazis might not know enough about the good doctor to recognize him in person, they were well aware of his work (as depicted by a crowd of them burning his book) and it was a harrowing journey for him and his family to find relative safety. Still, it's not like the whole issue is a chase scene, as we also see Wilhelm talking about sex to his daughter (age 12), learn about his early time spent in brothels (and his unfortunate habit of trying to "save" the prostitutes), get his father to a place that could theoretically help with his "galloping consumption", and hear about the death of Sigmund Freud. I've so far managed to avoid the temptation to look the man up on the internet and find out how it all ends (even knowing the brief "spoilers" Elijah gave away in the intro to the first issue), but it's been tough. Here's hoping you're all reading along and giving this guy as much money as possible, he's one of the many artists out there who should have complete freedom to do whatever the hell he feels like.


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