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Ho-hum, another excellent issue. OK, maybe I'm not actually bored by excellence (as you can tell if you notice the short amount of time between updates to this page), but I'm running out of superlatives over here. In this issue Wilhelm basically lets his marriage dissolve (as would make perfect sense if you read about his general theories on this sort of thing in past issues), gives Freud a thorough listing of what he'd like to accomplish with his sex education (and oh, what a better world we'd be if we'd listened to him back in the 30's), and chats with some colleagues at a bar. Oh, and Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany. There's a cliff-hanger for you! Wilhelm has to decide whether to stay and fight or leave, and this is all on top of the Communist party (who he had allied with) essentially disowning him for his views. Sadly, very few places are as progressive with his views on sexuality as he was even now, 80 years later. If you're not already reading this series, pick it up already. I don't know how I can convince you. You read comics, or you wouldn't be at this website. You prefer the good ones, or you wouldn't be digging through the piles of small press stuff available here. Here it is! One of the good ones you've been looking for! And yes, I would be saying that if I wasn't selling it. Buy it from the Sparkplug site for all I care, but it deserves a huge audience.


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