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When is a 24 hour comic a waste of time? Can it ever even be called that, as a lot of them are more exercises for the creator than anything else? Well, they still have to be remotely entertaining to the reader, and this one bored me silly, so I guess it didn’t pass that test. The art was incredible; you can really tell Donovan has done a few of these and has gained some skill in making them look good in 24 hours. So what’s this one about? Well, there’s this guy named Reg Maximum, I think you can see what he does for a living by the name of the book. He has this problem of another real estate agent, Red Marshall, always taking his jobs because he’s listening in on the conversations. Reg decides to take his revenge using the evil Michael Bolton, and any more and the whole thing is going to be ruined. I thought it was kind of silly how planets and people were clearly just backwards names with no particular meaning, but that could be due to going into something with no preconceived notions and all that. Look, this isn’t an awful book, but he’s done better.


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