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No way! No way in hell can I break this down into any kind of logical sense. Usually there’s at least something from the real world for his books to ground me, ever so slightly, in reality. That’s not the case here at all. Still, this is why they pay me the big bucks, so let me try to make some sense of this. There are these two, um, creatures, you see, and they meet each other and become instant “friends”. I put that in quotes for a reason, but let me build up to it, OK? On their travels they meet another odd creature who seems to want to start a fight, so an epic struggle ensues. The two original monsters get a bit mixed up, forming a giant superbeast… oh screw it, I don’t want to give away the ending, even if it does imply that the original two monsters were a bit more than friends. This is all assuming that I was right to begin with in my interpretation of the story, which might be hoping for a bit much. There aren’t many people who entertain me more these days than Barry Rodges because I have absolutely no idea what to expect from him, he has yet to disappoint, and he seems to crank these things out. This is $4, which is a bit steep (except it’s all in color), so do me a favor: if you’re curious about the guy, I have plenty of books that are only $1 or $2 in my online store, so check out a couple of the cheapies. Then, once you get what it is I see in the guy, maybe you’ll want to spend a bit more cash. That’s my theory anyway, but it’s a free country, so do what you’d like.


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