Plates are Cult #2 by Damien Jay

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There’s not a thing wrong with comics being methodical, and Damien seems to have that down. The first story in here is about Joey the Mancat. Joey spends days (or weeks, or maybe months) just sitting in the same place, watching life go by him. Trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds. The rest of the book is a guided tour on a deep sea probe, uncovering all kinds of odd things. The sheer earnestness of the two main characters makes this whole book a blast, from Joey’s laid back interest in watching everything happen to Shaun’s joy in every aspect of a deep sea dive. It’s a fun book and it looks great, what else needs to be said? These are $4, and I should mention that they’ll be on sale here as soon as the distro starts. Do you think I was too nice to it because of that fact? Looks like the same rambling, meandering review I usually write to me.


Price: $4.00

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