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What the hell? Sorry, I know that these are only connected in the loosest of terms at this point, and obviously it’s all going to make sense when it’s done, but what the hell does this issue have to do with anything else? I know, I know, it’s probably just setting up characters who’ll play a major (or minor) role later on and it’s best to have patience. That’s not much of a problem because the next issue has one of the more interesting characters, The Kamikaze Kid, featured pretty heavily. Still, one of these days Rafer is going to have to start tying some of these threads together, at least loosely, or I’m afraid he’s going to start losing people. It’s an admirable thing he’s doing here, setting everything up deliberately and carefully, I just hope he’s not overestimating the patience of his audience. Not me, though, I’m pretty well hooked, barring some serious drop in quality. Oh yeah, the actual comic. I’m supposed to be talking about that. Well, there are two stories in here. The first one is about a man who can turn his belly button from an innie to an outie at will and his subsequent rise to fame and the inevitable crash. The second story is about a paid assassin who gets a little too close to her target and her problems with the whole thing. I’d tell you more about how they relate to the rest of the larger story, but I honestly have no idea. Both entertaining stories in their own right though, with Jake Warrenfeltz pitching in on the first story and Rafer writing and drawing the second. This issue will probably make sense later, but it’s tough to recommend this story on an issue by issue basis. If you want to dig in (and you should, it’s a fascinating story in a lot of ways so far) you’re better off buying issues in chunks than one at a time.


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