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This issue is a lot more focused than the last one, as it’s all about Chester sitting in a bar and telling his life story to the bartender. Well, part of his life story, anyway. It goes from his being left on a church doorstep as a baby to life in a home for disturbed boys right up to the point that he gets some advice about attempting an escape. In other words, great stuff for a second issue, because now I can’t wait to see what happens next. Rafer also mentioned something at the start of this of only having 48 issues left to go, so here’s hoping that he has a plan, and the ability to finish, a 50 issue run. The back-up story, called Progressions (by Jeff Coleman & Stephen Greenwood-Hyde), is a rollicking kung-fu romp involving cheesy dialogue, many killings and close-ups of feet. If you think that’s a terrible idea, shame on you. Maybe for a huge series or something, but for 8 pages it’s wonderful. Anyway, as I may have mentioned, I have no idea where the main story is going here… and I couldn’t care less. As long as it’s good to read issue by issue I’m willing to wait for some serious cohesion.


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