Planet Named Desire #6 by Joe Marshall

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Who wants to know how the world began? Or, well, at least an excellent theory on how the world began? Joe answers that timeless question with this issue from way back in 1999 (kids, ask your parents). Essentially, things started, some life forms made it, some did not, and the gods and goddesses took care of everything. The earth goddess was especially competent, things essentially ran themselves, which left plenty of time for her to have sex with, well, everyone. Still, she ran out of gods and goddesses to have sex with soon enough, and happened across a lonely monkey boy. You can probably guess what happened next, and that led to human life on earth, but probably not the way that you've heard it. Great stuff from Joe, a little raw maybe compared to his later work, but a solid issue with a self-contained story. Well worth a look, as is pretty much everything else on this page.


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