Ouija Interviews #1: Theo by Sarah Becan

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(To anybody reading these reviews in order, I read #3 first out of these). Sometimes when you go back to the early issues of a series you can see the rough patches that led to greater things. It’s a bit unfair to call this one a “rough patch” as it’s still entertaining and has a few great lines in it, but it’s obvious that this concept for a story grew from here to become the greatness that is #3 (even though, at this moment, I haven’t read #2 or 4 yet). There’s nothing overtly awful about this issue, it’s just that the questions stay pretty simple and there’s not a whole lot to latch onto. Guy is killed by jealous wife but regrets nothing, it doesn’t dig much deeper than that. Ok overall, and worth a look if you’ve read the other ones and want a whole set, but go for the later ones first.


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