Ogner Stump’s Hawaiian Sorrows by Andrew Goldfarb

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Just in case you’re keeping track of the actual number of 1000 sorrows that have been completed, this comic has #26-45. So Andrew should be done with all of these, if that is in fact his plan, sometime shortly before he dies naturally of old age. Maybe it’s best not to think about the mammoth nature of this theoretical project and instead take the sorrows as they come. With the full knowledge that just listing these is useless without your being able to see how they’re represented in comics form, here are some of the topics: insects, bus stops, trains, ghosts, envy, ticklishness, and ritual human sacrifice. I said something along the lines of “demented brilliance” in the last review of Ogner Stump, and despite my not getting the point in most of the rest of the review, I’m sticking by that line. The book is gorgeous and haunting (seriously, I defy anyone to read one of these comics and not have at least one of the characters pop into your dreams at some point), and I’m tempted to quote about half the lines in here just to prove that point. OK fine, I’ll confine myself to one: “Your uncoiled innards will spell abundant appeasement to our mango deity!”


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